Mommy and Me November 2018

Here we are, the commencement of a year long (hopefully) project. I’m excited about the challenges and enjoyment that are ahead of me with this. And yes, I’ve already run into some challenges. We’re not going to worry about them now.


For November, I really wanted to do a matchy matchy outfit for us. While I personally haven’t been a fan of matching exactly, I felt it would be a good start to this project. I have a lot of other ideas in my head for it, but I felt a good baseline/beginning would be matching exactly. This way I can progress a bit through my ideas, and hopefully we’ll see some pretty fun stuff along the way.


I wanted to do a nice fall outfit for us, but not the traditional fall colors. I’ve never been a huge fan of oranges, yellows, and browns. But, I LOVE jewel tones. I found some fabric that complimented each other, but still had a fall vibe.

I have a couple of go to Indie pattern makers that I use regularly. One of the things that drew me to them was the Mommy and Me options they have. For this month I used Patterns for Pirates for our entire outfits. Tees. Pants. Cardigans.




The fun part for me was the scarves. I had some fabric leftover from a custom order and Rosie fell in love with it immediately. She even had me take a picture. This fabric from Vintage Lace Prints was the basis for the color story of the outfits. The teal and purple were such a good fit with the cassettes.

I looked up some tutorials on how to make an infinity scarf, but I didn’t really use any of them. One asked for almost triple the amount of fabric I had. Basically a blanket. The others were too wide for the scrap I had. So I winged it. But I love the result.

There it is! Our first installation of the Mommy and Me project. I’m excited to see where this project takes us. If you have any suggestions for outfits, let me know!

Photography by Tennessee Pearl at the University of Tennessee Botanical Gardens