DIY Mommy and Me Infinity Scarf

For the November Mommy and Me, I did some improv to make our scarves. I looked up several tutorials and found them all to be a bit too…. Precise.  I guess that’s the word I would use.

They asked for exact amounts of fabric and huge pieces that seemed to be too much and what if I only had a smaller piece left over after another project. Then what?

Well, I did my own version of math, and used what I had. And I came up with this easy way to make a matching Mommy and Me scarf set, using only one yard of fabric. I’m still testing it out to see if you could use less than a yard, feel free to try it out and let me know!


Materials Needed (some of these are affiliate links)

1 yard of knit fabric (I used some Brushed Poly from K’s Closet)

Ruler or tape measure

Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat

Sewing machine

Hand sewing needle (optional)

Don’t have a rotary cutter and mat? You can use Scissors (I love my Ginghers!) without a problem.

The first step you need to take is to lay out your fabric and admire it.


Now, fold it in half with the selvedges together, the stretch should be going across the fabric not up and down.


If you are a precise person, take out your ruler and mark 12 inches from the top or bottom of your piece. If you aren’t, go ahead and eyeball it. About 1/3 of the length of your fabric. Cut along this line.


You now have two pieces, one half the size of the other (2/3 and 1/3 the total length)

Fold the larger piece in half width-wise (short measurement) with right sides together and sew.


Now, pull one end through the tube and line up with the other open end, right sides still together.


Sew around the tube, leaving a gap for turning


Turn fabric right side out

Sew gap used for turning closed. I hand sew mine because I like the look better, but some of the tutorials I looked at used their sewing machines. It’s totally up to you on this!


For the second scarf, grab your child and put it around them. I ended up taking off about 14 inches of length (the longest measurement) for ours.

Repeat the above steps.

Enjoy your matching scarves this winter season!



To use another length of fabric

Measure the length of your fabric, divide by three. This is the length of the child scarf.

For example, I have a piece that is 42 inches. 42/3= 14. I mark a line at 14 inches and cut. This would give me a piece that is 28 inches for the mama scarf and 14 for the kiddo scarf.