Halloween Mommy and Me

Hey all!

As some of you know, I am embarking on a year-long project inspired by Leanne Barlowe’s Monthly Dress Series. The Mommy and Me Project! One mommy and me outfit set each month for…. Hopefully a full year.

For October, I’m doing a ‘soft opening’.

Halloween Tigers Progress.jpg

Our practice set is actually only half Mama Made. I presented Rose with some pictures of characters and costumes that seemed do-able, or buyable, for Halloween.  There were some super cute options, like the Narwhal my friend found at TJMaxx, but Rose’s choice was Daniel Tiger. Of course, she asks to watch it every day, and can spot a Daniel Tiger item from two miles away at the store. (Side note: recently at a thrift store she wandered off to the toys while I looked for some overalls, and came back about ten seconds later with a Daniel Tiger toy.)

And heck, Daniel Tiger is easy right? Just a hoodie and some leggings. I had orange fabric already, left over from a fall custom order. All I needed was some brown for the leggings, and some blue and red for the hoodies. But, I thought I would first check out some second hand and thrift stores locally to see if I could find hoodies, and cut down on my sewing time and stress levels.

Halloween Tiger Trunk or Treat.jpg

I tried out four different thrift stores and found…. nothing.  Well, I did get a big brown t-shirt at one that I cut up for the stripes on the leggings and tails, but as far as the hoodies were concerned, we were a no-go. About three weeks before Halloween I did what I thought was best and ordered them of Amazon. I mean, no way was I going to be able to finish all my fall and Halloween orders and end up staying up all hours of the night trying to finish my hoodie in time for the Trunk or Treat.

Best decision ever.

As for the leggings, I thought I would be able to update a pair I made for Rose last year. On closer inspection that was going to be more trouble than I was willing to take on, so I did some pattern tetris and managed to get my pair and her pair out of the one yard of fabric I got at Peekaboo Pattern shop.

 I used the Bonny Leggings from Made for Mermaids and Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates. They are super easy! Just three pieces and 5 seams (7 if you count the hemming). They only take about half an hour of sewing if you are an average sewist. On a good day I can knock a pair out in 10 minutes, not including cutting.  And one yard of four way stretch can get you a size large.

Halloween Tigers.jpg

I improvised the stripes on the legs after checking a picture of Daniel online. Same goes for the tails, just imagined the shape I would need and cut it out of the scraps. Attaching the tail was super easy, I just tucked it at the center back while sewing on the waistband.

No makeup and pigtail buns for ears and we were set to Trunk or Treat!

P.S. I don’t think we’ll do Daniel Tiger again next year, but just in case, everything of Rose’s is a size bigger than she’s in now.