The Easiest Way to do Presents

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I hate giving presents. Well, I hate the process of deciding on a present and hoping that it’s something the recipient will like and want and use and enjoy. I hate that part of it. So, I tried to come up with a method to help make giving presents easier, and to help other people give presents to my daughter.


I do it for Secret Santa, for birthdays, for Christmas. For me it’s really fun and easy to do. I come up with a theme and go out and get what I can (budget wise) centered on that theme. I plan on doing some posts specifically on the different themes you could do and what you could get for them in the coming months, so for now I’m going to tell you my theme for my daughter’s Christmas and what I got for her.

She loves helping me cook, so that is her theme. First I started with getting her a chef hat and apron from Chefskin. I had ordered one from them before for my pre-k classroom and love the quality of it. It’s super durable and washable so I know it will last a few years.

Next I looked for sturdy play food. I am a Natural stuff person when it comes to playing and learning, so I looked specifically for wooden food. I found a great Melissa and Doug set that has little crates and food sorted into different food groups. I love the crates for storage purposes. And if your child is in the phase mine is, little bags and boxes to carry treasures in is a big deal.

Since she loves helping so much while I’m cooking dinner, I thought of getting her something that felt like ‘real’ cooking. I knew of these food toys that come with a knife and you can cut them apart and put them back together again. So I searched for some of those and found this set from Hape. Mostly I got it because it had good reviews and the price was right.

Finally, she needed some dishes for all her cooking. Again, I looked for some wooden sets and Hape came through again. Apparently their specialty is wooden toys, especially cooking ones. There were several sets to choose from, but I picked a basic one. I feel like the price is a little high for the amount of dishes included, but I really love the wood! As a pre-k teacher I know how much toys can take a beating and I just feel like wood toys wear well. And when they start getting a little ragged you can re-paint them and they look like new.

The grand total for these gifts is $72.35 before taxes, and $78.48 after taxes.We have Amazon Prime, so our shipping is free.If you don’t have Prime already, they offer a 30 day free trial. But I love having it, so I think you will too. I hope this was a helpful strategy for you all! If you have a theme you would like me to do a gift set on, drop a comment below.