Mommy and Me December 2018

When the holidays hit I always tell myself I’m going to finish things up ahead of time, so I can relax and not be frantically doing things as Christmas nears. Then, I always end up coming up with more and more projects to do and I get ‘behind’ and stuff doesn’t get done the way I want it to be done.

This year was no exception. I had the folks in my Facebook group vote on what they wanted for this month’s Mommy and Me outfits, and they voted for Holiday Dresses. I had a plan, I had fabric, I had patterns. I had everything. But when the 15th rolled around and I still hadn’t started, I knew I would have to re-think my timeline. By the time the 20th rocked up, I had decided to completely forgo the dresses and go with something simple, quick, and cute.


“Ugly” Sweaters.

Rosie saw mine since I finished it earlier than hers for Cookie Day. So when I brought out hers one morning when I was wearing mine, she got really excited. And she insisted we wear our matching Santa Beard infinity scarves too.

Thankfully Rosie’s teacher said we were so cute she had to take a picture for me. So she snapped a quick shot before I headed off to my classroom for the day.

Sweater Lights from Snowy Owl Fabrics

Santa Beards from K’s Closet Hillsborough (undergoing renovations currently)

Infinity Scarf tutorial

Mama and Me Stella from Made for Mermaids