Mommy and Me January 2019

While there are a lot of links in this post, this post does not contain affiliate links. I’m just a big fan of them all. Enjoy!

It’s here! The January Mommy and Me!


I honestly have had this fabric from Grace at Maker Mountain Fabrics for over a year. From the moment I received it, I knew I needed this dress out of it for myself. When the idea for this project came about I begrudgingly decided to make one for the little girl too.

The pockets were a HUGE selling point for her. She wouldn’t leave me alone one evening until I told her, rather impatiently, “I’m trying to put these pockets into your new dress right now, can I please have a minute of peace?”

She said, “Ok mommy.” And disappeared into her room.

When the dress was completed the first thing she did was run up to Daddy and show him. “Look daddy! Mommy dress. It has pockets.”

They’re big enough to stash her binkies (which she manifests out of thin air every time I think we’ve lost them all).

We did the photo shoot at UT Gardens again because that’s basically my go-to spot. We love it there, even had Roo’s second birthday in the Children’s Garden this year. What I didn’t know was they had this awesome old truck at one end. The end opposite the Children’s Garden of course.

It was also freezing! The lovely Tennessee Pearl Photography ladies were so great with Roo, getting her to smile and show off her pockets that we still got some great pictures. And they were right there to grab our coats and hand them back the second we were done with one location.

Now for the dresses.

I really REALLY wanted a full length dress, with long sleeves, and pockets (of course) for winter. I don’t know why, but it seems every church is freezing cold in the winter (and most of the summer too) so having a warm dress was top of my list. While I was still a bit on the chilly side when I wore mine to church, it definitely didn’t feel as arctic as it usually does.

The pattern I had picked out for myself was the Mama Joy from Made for Mermaids. It had everything I wanted in the dress, and initially I planned on making it without any alterations.

But, then I chose Roo’s dress. I used the Jaimesyn from Simple Life Pattern Company, the knit version as the base. The only thing I didn’t really follow the directions on was the skirt dimensions. Mostly because the pattern confused the heck out of me and I couldn’t find the dimensions or any pattern pieces for the skirt. So I just used the rest of the fabric for hers.

The problem with using the Jaimesyn was that I really liked the look of the pockets. And Mama Joy doesn’t have pockets like that, they use inseam pockets. My solution was to use the biggest size of pocket from the Jaimesyn and use it on my dress. I’m really happy with the result too. I love the look of it, and how it makes my dress look closer to Roo’s in style.