A Spending Freeze

This month I am doing Budget Bootcamp. Before I even signed up for Bootcamp, I had decided to do a spending freeze for the entire month.

What is a spending freeze? Basically you don’t buy anything. If it costs money, you don’t do it. I decided to go for it, in an extreme sense (most spending freeze challenges I see are a week long).


Except? Well, yes there is an except. Bills. Rent, gas, debt. Groceries are iffy at the moment. We have plenty at home, but a whole month’s worth? I don’t think we do. I plan on just being super strict on what we walk out of the grocery store with.

Of course I had a moment of panic when I realized this meant not buying the fabric for March’s Mommy and Me. And then about whether I have enough thread to get me through too. After a trip to the store for thread and the decision to be super prepared with a plan for March, I calmed down.

I never realized, well I did but not as heavily as I do now, how much I impulsively want to buy things. I mean, on the first day of the freeze I found myself wanting to pull the trigger on something. I don’t even remember what it was, but I do remember wanting to do it.

I’ll be sure to update you all throughout the month on how it’s going!