Sunday Lately Week 5 2019



“Progress not perfection”
I’m not sure where this quote originated, but it is one of the ones that has been running through my mind lately. Among several others, mostly scripture. I’ve decided to focus on my spiritual studies more and often am pondering something that was read or on my mind regarding those matters. But overall, “Progress not Perfection” is what has been guiding me so far this year.


The alphabet? I teach my pre-k the Alphabet song in ASL for their graduation and started working a little more with them on it this week. That counts, right?


Myself for deciding to do something challenging this month, but will be best for our family. My clients for being so kind and giving me a great start to the month. My husband for all the work he does taking care of us.

And whoever happens to be reading this. Because I’m still new at this and know I have a long way to go to be what I hope to be.