Chasing, Ending, Wrapping


This week’s Sunday Lately was a tough one for me. I mean, I usually look at the topic and know what to write almost immediately, but this one took some pondering to figure out.


This one is two-fold- I am chasing my toddler everywhere. She loves playing hide and seek lately, and she counts superfast so I basically have to sprint if I want a chance at a good hiding spot.


The second thing I’m chasing is my dream of becoming an artist. I’ve been trying to change my mindset from being a seamstress hobbyist to being a fiber artist. Yes I make practical everyday pieces for people to wear, but I also have been working on some really big fancy pieces that my co-worker, who is a legit artist, would say are art. So I’m trying to embrace and run with it.


Ending. That’s a tough one. I could say my job, but so far I haven’t put in official notice. I am waiting to hear back from a great opportunity and if it goes through, then yes I will be ending my current job.

The ultimate goal actually is to end my current career in favor of the fiber artist work, or writing, preferably both. While I’m not ready to end it all yet, it is on my mind as I work through everything that would need to happen for that to come to fruition.


My girl. I have been extra…. wistful I guess would be the right word about her growing up and missing her while at work. So I have been giving her a lot of long, tight hugs. I just want to be the best possible mother for her, and part of that for me is showing her I love her through hugs and cuddles.