Setting Up Your Writing Space

So, Bootcamp didn’t turn out the way I intended it to. But that’s part of life, you try something, you learn something, and you do a better job next time around, if you choose to have a next time.


Today I want to talk a little bit about setting up your writing space. You want it to fit you, and your personality. What inspires you? What distracts you? Is there any way to take those into account when setting up your space?

My biggest recommendation is to get rid of everything except your writing tools. Clear off the space, only keep what you absolutely need for your best writing to happen.


If you are anything like me, you might be sharing your space with someone or something else. That’s why I chose to include this before and after picture. I only have one desk right now. It’s an antique sewing desk inherited from my Grandmother. It usually houses the sewing things (my other hobby).


To set it up for writing, I have to move the overlocker off completely. I clear off the sewing tools box, and put the sewing machine in the back corner. Due to space restrictions I currently have no other space to stow the sewing machine.

Now, your writing space will go beyond the desk. What is around the desk and where can it go? You can see I stowed the ironing board away, and I stashed the fabric back into its designated space that it always seems to make its way out of.

Finally, I set up what I need to write. I have my drink, my computer, an open window, and my spider plant that can’t survive the winter outside (in the window). I am the type of person who needs light and green to feel good, so both are a necessity when it comes to my workspace, any workspace.

The switch took my less than half an hour. Now, I can’t guarantee you that you setting up your space will happen this quickly. Keep in mind, I’ve been swapping this space for over three years, so I’ve got a system set up. But, if you are lucky enough to not need to swap space, you can set yourself up and keep it that way. Designate a specific time each week to do a deep declutter, and try to tidy up at the end of each writing session so your space is ready for you to get straight to writing the next day.

Have fun and be sure to share your workspace below in the comments or tag me on Instagram!