Writer's Block: Go Outside

Writer’s Block is something every writer deals with at some point. Heck, even if you aren’t a writer, you still deal with it when in school doing essays for classes or even when you’re at work trying to figure out how to write that email or proposal. I’m here to share some ideas that can hopefully knock some things loose in that brain of yours, and get that writing flowing again.

Our first tip for Beating Writer’s Block is to go outside.

It’s that simple. Just stand on your front step for a minute or two. I’ll wait.

Did it work? Of course it didn’t!

You have to actually get outside and do something. Put on your shoes and a jacket (or big puffy coat, it is December after all) and go. A walk. The park. The nearest scenic outlook or national park for a hike. The duck pond. Whatever. As long as you are outside, unplugged, for at least half an hour.

IMG_1609 - Copy.JPG

The longer the better.

There is something about being outside, in nature, or close to it, that helps our bodies reset. It can be the fresh air. It might be the sunshine. The smell of nature-y things…

Head out there, and let nature work its magic on you. Then head back to the work room, and get some writing done!