The Habit of Writing

I set a goal to write every day this month. So far I think I’ve written on maybe five days? Maybe?

Any habit can be hard to develop. The habit of eating well, brushing your teeth, or exercising. Those are all habits. Those are habits that you have to deliberately keep. It’s easy to skip the gym one day, then the next, and then you end up with a gym membership that you’re paying for but don’t use.

The same goes for writing. You have to make it a deliberate habit. It’s easy to not do.

This week is my reset week. That’s the cool thing about goal and habits, you can adjust or start them whenever you need to.

Here’s my strategy:

I’ve scheduled writing in my digital calendar

I plan on waking up a littler earlier each day to make room for writing

And accountability! I will check in on Instagram and back here on the blog.


What are your writing goals? What help do you need to achieve them?