And Now for Something Completely Different

After letting this part of the website sit and, well just sit. Neglected. I put some thought into it and decided that maybe a writing blog isn’t the right thing for me to do.

But thanks to the many and varied business and entrepreneurial podcasts I listen to I happen to know about something called the “pivot”. I’m taking this writing blog and will pivot to another focus in this part of the blog.


You see, my day job is as a pre-k teacher. I actually call my class junior kindergarteners. They all are 5, some were held back by their parents, but the majority of them just happened to miss the cutoff date for kindergarten. This year I have the special privilege of having a class of 14 boys and two girls. And. I . Love. It.


Having such a high energy class has helped me in a thousand ways. My classroom management has greatly improved with this group. My creativity has been stretched and pushed. And my research and information skills have been expanded as well. These boys love their questions.

Based on the success I feel this year has been for me, I feel like it would be a great direction to take this part of the blog in. Teaching a bunch of rambunctious, crazy, curious children.

I don’t expect this blog to be the end all be all of teaching 5 year olds. But I do hope it give people ideas, jumping off points, and even comfort in knowing they aren’t the only pre-k teacher out who loses their mind every now and then because of a full moon, or solstice, or the tides. Or any countless number of things that inexplicably causes kids to go off the chain on a random Tuesday.